Aura Kingdom

Aura Kingdom

Aura Kingdom is an animated MMORPG game where you take the role of a character
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Aura Kingdom is a massive multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) set in a Manga-like universe. That is, all the characters, environments, weapons, and so on are based on that Japanese style.
In the game, you are a resident of the Aura Kingdom and your duty is to protect it against its enemies. To do so, you can create a character that pertains to one of the several guilds that exist in that universe. You can accept several missions and acquire specific skills and weapons. All this sounds good enough to give the game a try. Nevertheless, it does not have a readily available help file, so you can't learn the basic skills you need to really play the game. To get help, you need to open the game's webpage and go to the relevant sections. Thus, if you are a beginner in this type of games, you may find some trouble to get started.

Another disadvantage is that, although the installation file is small, it needs to download additional files to complete the installation. This process can take one hour or more, depending on your Internet speed. Also, at startup. it takes a while to load, which is rather annoying.

As I've said, the game is set in a manga-like environment, and thus, all the graphics were created according to that style, so if you love manga and Japanese fantasy, you will love the game, since its graphics and sounds are very good and faithful to the style.

Victor Hernandez
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  • The game is free to download and use
  • The game is available in multiple languages
  • It has good graphics and sounds


  • The installation file needs to download and update several files, which may take an hour or more
  • The game does not include a Help file. You need to open the game's webpage and explore the relevant sections
  • The game takes a while to load
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